Man of Letters

Remember the day
you bartered your memory
for your story
Remember the day
legend submitted to fame
Remember the day
Silent Knight laid down his Sword
Charles Wain and the Seven Dramaturgs
Mary Feast was legendary
until they gave a Rat Sass
you had remained 
K had remained
North Star in the dark NIGHT
Immortal memory not story
when you wrote an autobiography
to write was to rite
until what was wrote became rote
Hear/Say again the rumored unseen W
DoubleYou of memory and legend
Remember that day
Xmas was Christ

Gone to Seed

My written words were the worst of me. Cloaked deceits.  

Autocorrects of

Real life has no true representations 

I no longer need, or even understand

What was the need

To see oneself


To see d one’s self

In the blank space between 

The needy letters arranging themselves

Finding complacent words for a safe landing

Please allow this aircraft to crash

With my soul intact I denounce 

All that has been written is the lie

That was not life

But it’s escape from authenticity

Fight attendants, if you haven’t done so, please prepare