1st Proposal for Ritual Cabaret

pubic hair goes public

I begin at the beginning to begin

Writer with no words, just the white page

Artist with no materials, just the blank canvas

Actor without action, just the empty stage

Sharing an intimacy.  Writer with reader,  Performer with audience,  Artist with the public.

Such intimate exposure is a process by which the personal ritual is transformed into a collective ceremony, where the artist is simultaneously both: the scapegoat at the altar of the sacrifice, and the sacred fool who entertains.  The Silent Knight.

K is the silent star in the dark sky 

K is the holy audience of one within the many

O’ chaste stars.  I perform for thee, my loves.

Audience entertained, coaxed to enter into the intimacy of the personal ritual. Until witness is transformed into celebrant. Performance transformed into ceremony.  Ritual Cabaret.

My proposal as actor, writer, and artist is to utilize my body as material.  One haircut every Shrove Tuesday for 12 years. These are my apostles, messenger and message, transcribed on the canvas, page, stage.

pubic hair goes public

pubic hair goes public